A Fully Customizable ATS That Organizes Your Candidate Pool

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The Simplest Way to Track and Manage Applicants throughout the Recruitment Process

ATS Software Searches and Sorts For You

Identifying the Best Candidate with ATS

It takes a lot of time and effort to sift through resumes, seeking out candidates who have the skills you need. With quick search features, you can find all the candidates who have the skills you want in an employee fast. When you combine this function with applicant testing and video interviewing, you will never have to worry about wasting your time interviewing a candidate who lacks the skills for the job.

Evaluate Candidates and Employees with the Same System

Keeping resumes on file can be messy. The VidTracker software keeps your resumes in order and stores them in a safe place so you can refer to past candidates conveniently. Managers can also save this information after hiring a candidate. The ATS software integrates your employee files such as test scores, training, and job reviews into one file, which allows you to evaluate an employee’s work correctly.

Saving All Files of Applicants with ATS

Let Everyone Offer Opinions on Candidates

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Candidate profiles can also be shared with your entire team, allowing them to review and rank the candidates on their own time. More collaboration will enable your organization to make better hiring decisions.

Emphasize Your Brand Throughout the Process

A company’s brand is vital to motivate new workers and leave people who did not get the job with a positive impression. A branded career site gives candidates a better feeling about your team and what it’s like to work for your organization.

Emphasize Your Brand on the VidCruiter Platform

Take Back Your Time and Budget

Save time and Money

VidTracker gives businesses the tools to rate, rank and sort your pool of applicants, which allows you to focus on top-quality candidates. The system will also communicate with anyone who didn’t get the position so you don’t have to.

All Information Is Kept Confidential and Secure

We know how important it is to keep information safe and protected. That’s why we store all of your data about candidates and employees securely in the cloud. Only your team has access to the information and you own it, VidCruiter just hosts it on your behalf.

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Customize the Job Requisition Process

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The VidCruiter ATS software allows you to customize your organization’s job requisition process fully. At any time you can involve a decision maker and have full control over how your team hires. VidCruiter works for any situation or department requirement.

VidCruiter’s Software is W3C Compliant

VidCruiter is W3C compliant, allowing ease of accessibility and equal opportunity for all your applicants. Therefore, your organization has the option to choose from a more extensive selection of candidates. Our recruiting system complies with the privacy standards and guidelines of the worldwide web.

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Applicant Tracking System Hosted Internationally

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Taking advantage of ATS software can be difficult depending on where in the world your business is located. Fortunately, VidCruiter hosts data for VidTracking in many international countries and continents including Australia, Europe, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Easily Distribute Your Job Posting

VidCruiter has a number of integration partners that allow you to promote your organization’s available positions across multiple job boards. While creating a position within VidCruiter, you can easily decide to push your posting to an extensive list of job boards, advertise it on your career page, keep it as a private link and only share it with certain individuals, or any combination of the three. The VidCruiter team is continually working with new integration partners to help clients expand the global reach of their positions. If you already have an established method of promotion, you can also simply copy a position’s unique link and include it in any form of advertisement.

VidCruiter Job Distribution

ATS for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

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An applicant tracking system is one of the best ways for businesses to organize their recruiting process, but the size of your company could mean a different set of needs. When small organizations use an ATS software, the recruitment process becomes manageable while saving your business money. For large businesses, an ATS allows executives to give their input without having to log into a system, manage a significant amount of data, build a large applicant pool, and organize data by location or department.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.