A new integration between VidCruiter and Criteria Corp brings proctoring and video interviewing capabilities to Criteria’s pre-employment testing platform, HireSelect®. For employers and recruiters who are interested in proctoring pre-employment tests, the integration with VidCruiter’s platform makes the process easy and seamless by eliminating the need to set up in-person proctoring sessions.

The integration also makes it possible to launch proctored assessments through Criteria’s integrated ATS partners, saving customers valuable time in the recruitment process and helping them organize all their hiring resources in one place. And by leveraging VidCruiter’s robust platform, customers can also benefit from online interviewing capabilities, making it easier to evaluate candidates in an initial interview or to interact with remote applicants.

Similar to VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interview software, candidates taking a pre-employment test that needs to be proctored will now be recorded through their webcam. Once completed, recruiters can review the recorded video and the test results to see if any cheating took place. The system will also record if the candidate left the testing room browser at any time during their assessment, which could also suggest cheating.

“Testing an applicant’s skills, aptitude, and personality is a large part of figuring out if this person is going to be able to do the job well and fit in with your organization,” said VidCruiter founder and CEO Sean Fahey. “But conducting these tests isn’t always easy, especially if they have to be proctored. This integration makes completing these tests easier for both the applicant and the recruiter, which will help get people hired quicker.”

For recruiters that need to proctor tests, this integration will enable recruiters to complete the pre-employment testing stage faster than ever before by preventing the need for a staff member to be in person with the candidate while completing the test. Instead, your recruiters can spend their time more productively and focus on the task of evaluating job applicants.

About Criteria:

Criteria is a leading provider of web-based pre-employment testing services. It is a Software as a Service company which provides organizations with assessment tools to increase the effectiveness of the hiring and retention process. Their assessments include aptitude, personality, and skills tests.