Call Centers Face High Employee Turnover, Administrative Challenges

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Jessica Newman

October 17, 2019

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Call Centers Face High Employee Turnover

It doesn’t matter what you call them: Contact Centers or Call Centers, Telemarketers, Customer Service Representatives, Tech Support Reps, or Booking Agents. It’s no secret this industry constantly faces high turnover rates and, unfortunately, all the administrative headaches that come along with that.

You need to recruit people quickly. But, your organization needs more than just warm bodies. Whoever answers the phone is your first line of communication with customers, so the people you decide to hire must be friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. For that reason, it’s important to be diligent when screening applicants—while simultaneously accelerating the hiring process. 

Learn More About Call Center Candidates

VidCruiter’s digital hiring platform allows you to hear candidates through audio interviewing or see and hear candidates through video interviewing before committing more time to the interview process. This allows HR representatives at contact centers to learn much more about applicants in the early stages of hiring than if they were to review one-dimensional/traditional resumes.

Arguably one of the most important things about hiring employees at call centers is their voice and the way they interact with customers—two traits that are very difficult to detect on paper. Can the candidate be easily understood by the person on the other side of the line? Do they interrupt the conversation, or do they project patience and composure? A calm, friendly tone can sometimes be the difference between an irate customer and a satisfied one.

While verbal communication skills are definitely important in contact center settings, you must also keep pace with the times. People now want—and sometimes expect—email, social media, and live chat customer support. That means contact center employees must write well, too. Advances in technology necessitate an equally tech-forward solution. Thankfully, VidCruiter has the answers.

Predict How Candidates Would Perform on the Job

VidCruiter filters out applicants who clearly do not understand your clients’ needs, protecting your reputation from ill-fitted employees—while saving you time and money along the way. How? Here are a couple of examples:

1.) As part of their digital interview, ask candidates to record themselves reading a script. This way, you (and others on the hiring team) can hear exactly how each applicant sounds over the phone.

2.) Or, up the ante and have job candidates respond to typical questions in a mock customer service scenario. This tests their ability to think on their feet in the most practical way possible, providing hiring teams with great insight into how applicants would handle real-life, on-the-job situations.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Phone Tag

Phone tag is all too common in call center settings. After calling a job candidate, leaving a message on their voicemail, them returning your call only to get your voicemail, you finally arrange a mutually-convenient time for an interview. Then, someone else on your hiring team wants to participate too...but that day doesn’t work for them. Ugh! Sound familiar?

VidCruiter eliminates HR reps’ most hated office sport: phone tag. It’s intuitive enough to automatically arrange interviews, saving you the hassle of scheduling phone interviews—especially those that involve several individuals or those in multiple time zones.

Find Talent from All Around the Globe

Some of the best suited applicants for call center positions aren’t in the same city, the same country, or even the same continent as your operations. Does it matter? More and more contact centers are embracing technology and empowering their employees to work remotely. This widens the net to find well-qualified candidates globally.

With VidCruiter, applicants selected for a digital interview simply enter their phone number and we’ll automatically give them a call. No need to worry about setting up toll-free numbers or asking candidates to make long distance phone calls. Better yet, VidCruiter has multilingual capacities, allowing you to prepare interview questions in multiple languages.

VidCruiter helps call centers hire better candidates, slowing that revolving door of employees.
We can help you reduce turnover by making sure applicants are a good fit for your company—and testing the skills needed to succeed in the position—before individuals are offered a job.

jessica newman Headshot

Jessica Newman

Jessica is a VidCruiter writer who cares about connecting people with meaningful work. She writes about talent attraction, HR challenges, and hiring best practices.

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