VidCruiter’s automated reference checking software is part of the reason why the #iwantasciencejob campaign was successful, says the Government of Canada’s Environment and Climate Change department.

The department started working with VidCruiter for the #iwantasciencejob campaign in 2017. The campaign focused on recruiting recent university graduates to help manage and grow the government’s scientific capacity. The department quickly learned that to be successful in this endeavor, the recruitment process needed to be modernized. By using social media and focusing on opportunities to contribute to government policies, this new campaign ended up attracting 3,833 applicants. Once that number was narrowed down to the finalists, the department enlisted VidCruiter’s help for reference checking.

VidCruiter’s automated reference checking software makes the candidate do the majority of the work. Instead of recruiters contacting every reference, applicants receive an online form to send to their referees. Once submitted, the recruiter is automatically notified via email and can review the answers. A report done for the Clerk of the Privy Council states feedback concerning this method of reference checking was positive, from both candidates and referees.

“Overall, the automated reference checking application (VidCruiter) worked wonderfully,” the report states. “It met the needs and allowed for efficient ways to gather references for well over a thousand candidates.”

“VidCruiter was created to help simplify the recruitment process for organizations with tools such as automated referencing and video interviewing said VidCruiter founder and CEO Sean Fahey. “To see the success of a major campaign like #iwantasciencejob thanks in part to what we do is incredible. It shows how valuable our ideas and products are.”

“The online system also saved the department 50,000 sheets of paper,” Fahey said.

“One of the things that attracted the Department of Environment and Climate Change to VidCruiter is the fact our entire online system is paperless and bilingual. We’re happy to do our part for the environment.”