While women largely make up the workforce in the human resources industry, that is not the case when talking about HR technology development. In fact, a 2017 article from WorkForce states 73% of HR managers are female, compared to only 27% of the IT industry being women. These numbers get better each year, but the HR technology field is still mainly dominated by men despite the majority of users being women.

To encourage more women to get involved in the HR tech industry, the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Exposition, to be held in Las Vegas at The Venetian, will be dedicating a whole day to the importance of women in the field. The conference, which takes place on Sept. 11-14 this year, is arguably one of the biggest events dedicated to the changing HR technology.

It will celebrate women with a day dedicated to every female working in HR tech.

Why This Is an Important Event for Everyone Attending the HR Tech Conference

Women in HR Tech is a half-day event held on the first day of the HR Tech Conference. The event brings together a host of successful and influential women in the industry to discuss the changing scenario.

They’ll answer questions about the role of women in HR and how more women can be attracted towards the field of HR tech. The main agenda of the conference is typically to talk about how women can create a niche in this male-dominated industry.

This year is no different. The Women in HR Tech event will feature eight sessions including:

  • Using Analytics to Drive Gender Equality

  • Women, Pay Equity and Financial Wellness

  • Climbing the Leadership Ladder

Tech PR Expert Jeanne Achille has been announced to chair the 2018 Women in HR Tech event. She has introduced and promoted a number of tech products throughout her illustrious career and is best known for her role in the success of The Devon Group, which she founded in 1994 without any outside funding.

The company found great success within a year and made Achille a popular name. She now provides leadership counsel to experienced and budding leaders and executives.

She is also a pioneer in the field as she’s the first to launch a PC-based human resource management system (HRMS).

She contributes to known publications including Forbes, USA Today, Fortune, CBS, and CNN. She also has her own blog (Jeanne Achille’s blog) where she recently wrote about the upcoming summit and introduced this year’s speakers.

“As chair of the Women in HR Tech Summit at the annual HR Tech Conference, I’ve been heads down in recent weeks, vetting the hundreds of speaking applications from amazing IT, AI, and HR professionals. Difficult as it was, the field has been winnowed down. It’s exciting to finally unveil our roster of confirmed speakers for this year’s event.”

Jeanne Achille, jeanneachille.com

Headshot of Jeanne Achille

This year’s panel is stacked with a successful, professionally diverse group of women including Kathryn Minshew, CEO and Founder of The Muse; Gretchen Alarcon, Group Vice President of Human Capital Management Strategy of Oracle; Stephanie Lampkin, CEO of Blendoor; Jenny Dearborn, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent & Leadership Officer at SAP; Kelly Cartwright, Head of Recruiting Transformation of Amazon and so many more. A full list of panel attendees can be found on the HR Technology website.

The event’s main focus is issues surrounding gender equality for women in the field of human resources technology, and encourage both women and men to attend for an educational, engaging experience.