At Thanksgiving, people are encouraged to be grateful for all that they have, including family, friends, and a good job. Recruiters are lucky in that their job affords them not only a salary, but also the opportunity to help others find their dream jobs, too.

Here are a few things recruiters should be thankful for—not just this time of year, but all year long.

#1. Candidates (Especially the Good Ones)

As we know, not all candidates are created equal. Some job applicants are very well-suited for the role you’re recruiting for, while interviewing others sometimes feels like a waste of time.

Try to be thankful for all candidates. That way you’ll be especially grateful when you find one with the right personality, skill set, education and experience for the job. Be thankful you were able to not only find someone—but also convince them—to accept a position. When you match the right employee with a great employer, everyone will be thankful for you, too!

#2. Video Interviews

Technology is helping hiring teams all over the world become more productive and less stressed. Video interviewing is one of the most exciting tech developments for recruiters, helping them save tons of time and energy. That’s definitely something recruiters should be grateful for!

Pre-recorded video interviews simplify the hiring process by eliminating scheduling conflicts and improving collaboration between candidates, recruiters, and other decision makers. Recruiters watch the pre-recorded interviews as time allows, only selecting qualified candidates to move forward with an in-person interview. In this way, video helps quickly narrow the candidate pool, but also eliminate time zone and location-based hiring barriers, increasing access to top talent worldwide.

#3. Reduced Hiring Bias

Hiring bias sneaks into job interviews in subtle, unexpected ways. That’s because it’s often subconscious. Only the most self-aware recruiters are able to call themselves out on their own prejudice or favoritism—and it can be just as difficult to broach the subject with colleagues and hiring managers.

Thankfully, structured digital interviews make it easy for recruiters to reduce hiring bias across the board. By asking the same interview questions in the same order and in the same way to all job applicants, recruiters aren’t subjecting candidates to unfair bias throughout the hiring process. In doing so, recruiters can be confident they’ve hired people based on merit, and the company will be grateful they aren’t being faced with a discrimination lawsuit.

#4. Increased Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is on the rise; many people of different genders, ages, races and cultures are finally working under the same roof (or working together remotely). This introduces a unique blend of ideas, opinions, and experiences, helping companies enrich their businesses and better understand market needs, as well as the needs of new and existing employees.

As hiring managers realize the value of a diverse workplace, people who were previously passed over for unfair reasons are slowly but surely overcoming inequality, securing important positions across a variety of industries. That’s progress, and that’s something society as a whole can be grateful for.

#5. Work/Life Balance

Thanks to innovative technology like VidCruiter, recruiters are able to complete their work in less time than dated recruitment methods. This means you can achieve greater job satisfaction and a better work/life balance, spending less time in the office and more time doing other worthwhile things…the things that make life worth living.

As a recruiter, there’s lots to be grateful for. Give thanks!