VidCruiter is celebrating the success one of our clients had using our recruitment software, receiving an Innovation in Recruitment Award as a result.

The United Nations Development Programme received the honor at the 15th annual Career Development Roundtable of International Organizations. The event was held in early December of 2018 in Lisbon.

The UNDP won the award after successfully hiring 126 people to become Resident Representatives in four months. By taking advantage of VidCruiter’s pre-recorded and live video interviewing software, as well as our digital skills testing platform and built-in rating system, the UNDP were able to complete this task on time.

VidCruiter is glad to have helped the UNDP complete this project and receive this award. Sean Fahey, CEO of VidCruiter, said the award was never expected, but he’s proud of it and hopes it shows the value of video interviewing software to any recruiter who is still on the fence about using it.

George Accepting the UNDP's Award

“Every day more people realize the value of using video interview software. They understand what benefits it can bring and how it can help recruiters save time and money without diminishing the quality of the hire,” Fahey said. “VidCruiter was able to do this for the UNDP, and we’ve been able to do it for many more clients. What this award represents for us is the recognition that systems like ours are the future of recruitment.”

The UNDP is active in more than 170 countries and territories. Its mission is to eradicate poverty while reducing inequality and exclusion.

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