VidCruiter CEO Sean Fahey put all the cards on the table while talking about the company’s growth with journalist Peter Moreira.

Moreira wrote about VidCruiter’s growth expectations and how the company hopes of reaching the triple-digit growth goal in a column published in The Chronicle Herald, a daily newspaper based in Halifax, NS, and in his Atlantic Canadian start-up website

“Year-on-year sales growth was 74 percent and we’re not satisfied with the growth level that we’re getting,” said Fahey in a recent interview with Moreira. “I want to see triple-digit growth. I know it’s still good compared with some other tech companies but we’re not happy with it.”

Sean Fahey, VidCruiter CEO

VidCruiter CEO

In the column, Moreira writes about the online marketing growth VidCruiter has experienced in recent months and the plans to expand that team. He also writes about how success with one Canadian federal department has forced others to take notice, and so far has resulted in 20 other departments signing up.

To read the full column, visit the Chronicle Herald website.

VidCruiter is a human resources technology company based in Moncton, NB. The company specializes in providing businesses and organizations with reliable recruitment software and offers products such as video interviewing software, and online skills testing.