Based in London, England, GradBay is a recruitment agency specializing in pairing recent graduates with growing businesses in the UK.

GradBay works with hundreds of clients, but with only a small, five-person team, it can be difficult to support graduates trying to create video profiles online. They needed a better way to streamline the creation of graduates’ video CV profiles on their website.

VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing technology now helps GradBay cope with a large volume of recruitment placements. “Video recruitment software allows us to do a lot more with fewer resources,” says Ben Hazan, co-founder and managing director of GradBay.

The recruitment agency tried using other video interview providers, but they were frustrated by the lack of functionality and poor customer support. Hazen’ says switching to VidCruiter has been “like chalk and cheese (to coin an old English expression). It’s quite a different experience.”

The video CVs allow employers to make more informed assessments before inviting candidates for an in-person interview. “By having that initial video screening stage, anyone you bring in face-to-face for an interview is already ticking some boxes, whether it be the cultural fit, the communication style fit, the education fit. Video gives you a layer of information you simply wouldn’t have without it,” says Hazen.

VidCruiter has simplified how graduates create video CV profiles on the GradBay website. It’s also helping GradBay save money. In one year, they’ve saved about 50,000 pounds from not having to hire staff to chase candidates to get videos created and added to their website.

Learn more about how VidCruiter helps GradBay complete video interviews with graduates in this case study.