VidCruiter’s Onboarding Product Is Now Featured in Prominent Online Marketplace

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Tamara Gravelle

September 17, 2018

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VidCruiter is officially a part of the Adobe Exchange Marketplace showcasing its integration with Adobe Sign.

VidCruiter, a technology company which specializes in video interview software, has now officially partnered with Adobe Sign. By adding Adobe Sign to VidCruiter’s onboarding product, the company has provided clients an easier way to get applicant signatures on important documents.

The Adobe Exchange Marketplace is an online forum which allows people to browse different applications, connecting new customers to products with ties to Adobe.

VidCruiter CEO Sean Fahey said being added to the Adobe Exchange Marketplace adds to the stellar credibility his company has been able to achieve: “Being part of the Adobe Exchange Marketplace will open a lot of doors for VidCruiter and for clients who purchase our Onboarding module,” Fahey said. “We know at VidCruiter this will not only help our current clients, but also attract more business as e-signatures are a crucial part of any recruitment process. Adobe is yet another great partner of ours who we are happy to work with to enhance our suite of recruitment products.”

The listing provides information about how VidCruiter uses Adobe Sign and even includes a step-by-step guide so potential clients can see exactly how the two software work together.

VidCruiter’s main product is live and pre-recorded video interviewing software, however, the company does offer many other recruitment software products.

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Tamara Gravelle

Tamara is a Content Writer at VidCruiter. She writes about recruitment challenges, strategy and tech trends in HR. She tweets @VidCruiter

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