Six Reasons Why Automation Is a Recruiter's Best Friend

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Jessica Newman

September 04, 2019

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Six Reasons Why Automation Is a Recruiter’s Best Friend

Do you have a best friend who automatically knows what you’re thinking—even when you don’t say a word? This in-sync understanding is a breath of fresh air in personal relationships, and it can be recreated in a professional setting, too. VidCruiter’s automated recruiting software can be customized to read your mind and take action on your behalf, saving time and money while helping to recruit top talent.

It’s no wonder why automation is a recruiter’s best friend. By automating time-consuming administrative tasks, HR professionals can focus on more pressing priorities. Ironically, by relying on technological automation, recruiters and hiring managers are able to keep more of the human in human resources. Recruiters have more time and energy to be fully present during video interviews, in-person meetings and be more clear-headed to make important staffing decisions.

But, what is it about automation that makes it so valuable for recruiters? From automatically posting job openings and scheduling interviews, to filtering and scoring applicants, sending emails and automatically checking references, VidCruiter’s sophisticated automation capabilities help recruiters do their best work.

Post Automatically on Job Boards

Promoting new job opportunities is the first step in generating public interest and getting applications from well-qualified candidates. It’s important to share each job opening on as many channels as possible, but this process takes time. That’s why VidCruiter gives recruiters convenient access to the top job boards on the market, including ZipRecruiter and Indeed.

Automatically push open job positions to multiple job boards, advertise it on your career page, or share a private link with certain individuals. We’re always working with new integration partners to help clients expand the global reach of their positions with a click of a button.

Schedule Interviews in an Instant

Every recruiter knows the struggle of coordinating interview times—especially when the hiring process involves many people or those in multiple time zones. VidCruiter’s interview scheduling tool and calendar integration (which syncs with Google, Outlook, Exchange, Office 360 and more) allow the entire hiring team to set their availability daily, or copy it for weeks at a time. Applicants simply select one of the available time slots, thereby eliminating annoying phone tags and long email threads to find a time that works for everyone.

Once a time has been selected, VidCruiter’s scheduling system automatically marks that time as busy, keeping your calendar continually up to date. Our system will automatically send notifications to all parties involved of the time and date selection, as well as interview guides and rating rubrics to the hiring team. Never worry about being unprepared for an interview again.

Automatically Filter Out Unqualified Applicants

Manual reviews and approvals bottleneck the recruitment process, significantly increasing time to hire. Not all candidates are created equal. In fact, many applications simply aren’t worth recruiters’ time, especially during the early stages of hiring. Dedicate more time to top candidates by automatically filtering out unqualified candidates with your applicant tracking system.

VidCruiter can filter candidates based on their responses to certain job requirements such as mandatory certifications or their eligibility to work in the country. Our skills testing software can further refine the candidate pool by automatically calculating scores and moving those who met or exceeded the test baseline to the next stage of the hiring process.

Auto-remind People of Interviews and Tasks

Humans can be forgetful, but there’s no time to waste when trying to fill a job position. Simple email reminders play an important role in keeping everyone on track, so the hiring process can move forward more efficiently.

VidCruiter’s recruiting software automatically reminds everyone of upcoming interviews, minimizing no-shows. It also notifies the hiring team once qualified candidates have finished all necessary steps, prompting them to review and rate the applicants. Unlimited automatic reminders can be set up at any time during the recruitment process, and customized to start and stop once the desired actions are completed.

Send Personalized Emails Automatically

Regardless of whether or not an applicant has been successful, people expect a reply after submitting an application or being interviewed for a position. Depending on the size of the company, hundreds if not thousands of these emails need to be sent, making it one of the most tedious parts of recruiting.

VidCruiter can automatically send mass emails on your behalf. Recruiters no longer need to inform applicants one-by-one that they’re moving on to the next step, or manually send rejection emails to every unqualified applicant. Moreover, our system automatically pulls key information from an applicant’s profile (such as their name and the position for which they applied), so these emails appear completely personalized and don’t read like a robot sent them.

Automated Reference Checking

Reference checks are one of the best ways to gain honest insight into an applicant’s suitability for a job. The more references who provide feedback, the better rounded the assessment of that individual will be. But, reference checks are another one of the most inefficient—but necessary—hiring processes.

VidCruiter’s automated reference checking eliminates the frustration of coordinating and conducting reference checks. Instead, applicants enter their references’ contact information into the system and a pre-established set of questions will automatically be sent to each reference. After the referees provide feedback, recruiters can review their responses without needing to spend direct time with them.

Vidcruiter’s powerful platform can add automation to almost every aspect of your recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire by up to 80%. Add as much or as little automation as you’d like on a per position basis, and easily save automation templates for future positions. VidCruiter is the most advanced automated recruiting platform in the world—and your best friend in recruiting top talent.

jessica newman Headshot

Jessica Newman

Jessica is a VidCruiter writer who cares about connecting people with meaningful work. She writes about talent attraction, HR challenges, and hiring best practices.

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