Wise Recruiting: How to Write Compelling LinkedIn Posts to Attract New Employees?

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Destiny Heine

November 19, 2019

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Attract Top Talent with LinkedIn Posts

The key to the success of any business is the carefully chosen team that perfectly matches the venture’s objectives and values. That is why recruitment plays a vital role in every organization.

In the modern world, finding the right talent for your company has gotten easier than ever. HR specialists can use various channels and tools to their benefit.

With the growing popularity of recruitment websites and social networks, now, companies can expand their reach and connect with the best specialists in any field.

Despite a considerable number of benefits, online recruitment also has a few downsides. The inability to meet candidates in-person often makes it hard to assess their skills objectively.

Yet, the biggest pitfall modern HR specialists face on the web is a vast competition. With so many job offers out there, winning over the attention of potential employees can be quite challenging.

Therefore, it is vital to know how to make your job publications stand out, primarily if you are recruiting through such a viral channel as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: An Online Recruitment Tool with Unlimited Opportunities

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has been around for quite a while and already has a hefty base of over 600 million users. Today, it is the most popular business network used by companies, CEOs, and recruiters from all around the globe.

Thanks to its steadily growing popularity and convenience in use, this is one of those platforms that pop up in people’s minds when they think of recruitment.

What makes it a handy tool for HR? If you have never used this network to search for the right talent, you are missing out on a good deal of opportunities.

For years, LinkedIn has been one of the recruiters’ favorite tools. If you are wondering what makes it so popular, here is a short insight on some of its key perks:

  • Well-known. This platform has a large community, with over 300 million monthly active users. Thus, using it, you will have a chance to connect with many job seekers and find the one who meets your needs;
  • Detailed profiles of candidates. Those job seekers, who use LinkedIn actively, have their accounts filled with the most relevant and up to date information regarding education, work experience, and skills. This makes finding the perfect match even easier;
  • Wide range of features. For businesses, this platform offers plenty of opportunities. You can make job posts, discover data-driven insights, use smart ads to get your materials to reach the right people, etc.;
  • No distractions. Since the critical goal of this network is to connect professionals, there are no irrelevant publications to distract a party during the recruitment process;
  • Mobile-friendliness. Another good reason that makes LinkedIn so handy is that you, as well as your potential employees, can use it wherever and whenever necessary. The platform has convenient mobile apps compatible with different devices;
  • Free. Finally, another significant benefit of using this platform is that it doesn’t cost you a penny! There is a possibility to get a premium subscription and expand the list of features available. However, those are not a must for you to succeed in the search.

How to Recruit Wisely on LinkedIn?

If we had to point out the major challenge facing HR specialists on LinkedIn, we would say it is to make your posts noticed. Of course, this platform was created for professional networking, which means that all users come here either to discover available job opportunities or to offer some. However, it takes skill to get the publications to reach and engage the best candidates.

There are no strict rules on how to use LinkedIn for recruitment. But there are specific tips that professionals recommend following in order to succeed.

If you want to save your time without compromising success, you can always opt for the professional help of urgent essay writers - the experts will provide a flow of high-quality materials. However, if you want to learn how to recruit wisely yourself, there are some handy tips to help you get started!

In the list below, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to write compelling LinkedIn posts that catch job seekers’ attention.

Recruiting With LinkedIn

Avoid Using Templates

We know how tempting it can be for a busy HR specialist to create a bulk of templates for future job posts and then just copy and paste it every time there is a need for new talent. However, that’s typically not the right approach.

One thing you should keep in mind is that different candidates care about different things. Some are more concerned about the schedule; others mostly care about the benefits.

Your goal is to predict what your perfect candidate cares about the most and talk about it in each posting. Thus, having a generic template for all roles won’t work.

Of course, writing a custom post for every position takes way more time. However, it also tends to generate better results.

Keep It Concise

The shorter your post is, the more potential it has. According to LinkedIn’s research, publications that are 150 words long or less receive 17.8% more applications.

The research suggests that job seekers find short publications more informative. Keeping in mind that at least half of LinkedIn users view postings from their mobile devices, concise descriptions are easier to read and, thus, they are more appealing.

Include the Basics

A perfect post should tell your candidates everything they need and want to know about you and what a company has to offer.

Therefore, your text should include all essential basics such as a few words about the company and the role, skills, and experience you are seeking, requirements and tasks an employee will have to fulfill, etc.

In the end, it is also good to make an encouraging call to action.

In a perfect world, candidates apply for the job immediately after realizing they have the right skillset. However, in reality, most job seekers tend to hesitate, skim, and often miss important details.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to give them a little push.

Don’t Focus on Requirements Only

Many recruiters make a big mistake, thinking that the list of job requirements is the most crucial part of their posts. Of course, you should outline the key skills you are looking for in candidates, but the focus must not solely be on this section.

Apart from your requirements, job seekers will be happy to learn how a particular role and company can benefit them. Thus, don’t hesitate to give them an idea of the growth opportunities offered by a specific position.

No Clichés Allowed

We all have seen job descriptions that contain eye-catching cliché words like top talent, ninja, rock star, etc. Many HR specialists reading this article even use these words themselves.

Without a doubt, such catchy phrases look cool on a job description. However, have you ever thought about what effect they have on your candidates?

In many cases, these and similar clichés make candidates hesitate whether the job is right for them. The critical issue here is that the job search is almost never painless and exciting.

Most people are struggling to go through this experience because it is too emotionally-draining and puts too much pressure on them.

Thus, when such candidates see cliché words, they often feel a completely different emotional response from what you intended to trigger with such expressions.

Choose the Right Tone

As a rule, job postings are made formal and straight to the point. However, since we are talking about a social network, it is natural to think that choosing a bit more casual tone of voice is appropriate. But is it?

According to the data collected by the LinkedIn team in their research, most candidates would have a worse impression of the employer and a lower likelihood to apply if they see a job posting that is too casual.

Thus, here is one more tip to keep in mind – it is okay to move away a bit from the formal tone and reflect your company’s spirit. Still, you shouldn’t go overboard.

Final Words

Over the past years, finding and hiring new employees has become much more comfortable than it used to be just a few decades ago. Despite having so many smart tools at hand, matching the right talent to your open positions is a true art and remains a challenge.

Being the biggest business networking site on the Internet, LinkedIn offers companies a smart recruitment solution. With the help of this social network, HR specialists can find talents faster and easier. However, there are right and wrong ways to do it.

The tips mentioned above will help you create excellent LinkedIn posts that will drive more attention. Of course, following our advice, will probably make you spend more time on writing each publication. However, your efforts will definitely pay off in the form of a larger number of applicants and an overall higher quality of hire.

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Destiny Heine

Destiny Heine is an experienced freelance writer and visual content creator. With a sociology degree under her belt, she is eager to collaborate on all types of digital content. Feel free to reach out at any time:

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