HR departments of companies that are highly satisfied with VidCruiter may take their recruitment as a matter of course, but knowing the background to the development of one of the most advanced hiring platforms on the market today could further enhance their experience. VidCruiter was founded in 2009 but the story begins much earlier with Sean Fahey who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Moncton in 2004 and started his MBA program at Florida Atlantic University.

Recruiters whose jobs have been made easier by video interviewing tools of VidCruiter owe much of their good experience to Sean Fahey whose entrepreneurial bent gave them the product they needed. Mr. Fahey started with a small retail business which eventually grew in Canada and the US. He moved to Toronto in 2007 and began to expand his business, but the recession hit in 2008.

After closing shop the next year Mr. Fahey was hired by an insurance firm to recruit sales agents across Canada. It was during his stint here that he discovered the need for an online employment filtering tool that could streamline the hiring process. Thus was born the idea of VidCruiter.

Mr. Fahey’s software solution to virtual interviews, however, did not take off dramatically so he moved back to Moncton in 2010 to focus on a more tech-oriented business model. Price cuts, a subscription model, commissions, word-of-mouth referrals and a viral campaign resulted in a high volume of sales. The revised business model continues to work well as more companies try VidCruiter. Now Mr. Fahey is poised to launch an aggressive marketing plan in March 2012 to enhance the recruiting experience of still more companies. This is just a brief summary of the success story of Mr. Fahey.

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