Recruitment Software

Use hiring software to easily manage the entire recruitment life cycle.

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution

Guaranteed ROI

Guaranteed ROI

Advanced Workflow Engine

Advanced Workflow Engine

Enhance the Candidate experience

Enhance the Candidate experience

Use Hiring Software to Easily Manage the Entire Recruitment Life Cycle

Full VidCruiter Recruitment Suite

Business-driven and people-focused, The VidCruiter Recruitment Suite delivers the ultimate recruiter/candidate experience from start to finish. Our turnkey all-in-one solution allows hiring teams to accomplish what typically requires three or four different vendors, all from one powerful platform. Speed up time-to-hire, improve retention, reduce costs and connect with candidates on a whole new level.

The VidCruiter Suite: Your One-Stop-Shop for Recruiting Top Talent

VidCruiter’s recruitment software consists of a full suite of products designed to deliver the highest quality employees in an efficient and cost-effective way. Every component of the recruitment system focuses on reducing time to hire by eliminating outdated and time-consuming practices. Utilizing all of VidCruiter’s available features is the way clients gain access to a completely optimized recruitment experience.

Why choose a Recruitment Software system?

Saving Money with Recruitment Software

Guaranteed Return On Investment

Recruiting new talent is an expensive and time-consuming process. When compared to traditional recruitment processes, VidCruiter’s recruitment software can reduce your organization’s costs by more than 75%. By utilizing all of these recruitment products, your first hire with VidCruiter’s complete recruitment platform will be the best quality and most cost-effective one you’ve ever made.
A Clients Mapped out Their Thoughts with Recruitment Software

Map out Your Recruitment Process with the Advanced Workflow System

Based on the concept of Business Process Modelling, Recruitment Process Modelling can help our clients map out, analyze, improve, and automate their hiring process by using VidCruiter’s recruitment software. This recruitment platform was built around an advanced workflow system with the flexibility to adapt to any type of scenario. Once it has been mapped out, your organization will have the best tools to optimize any recruitment process.
Taking Recruitment Software to the Next Level

Streamline the Hiring Process with Recruitment Software Automation

If your organization is looking to take its hiring process to the next level, then automated recruiting is the choice for you. Once you’ve added a hiring process into VidCruiter, the recruitment software allows you to automate it to your level of comfort. Sending out specific communications, moving applicants to the next step, and filtering applicants based on their responses are just a few examples of the ways that VidCruiter’s recruitment software can automate your process.
Data Is Safe and Secure

Stored Safely in the Cloud

At VidCruiter, the security and safety of your data is a top priority. The recruitment software has a number of systems in place to ensure that your data is never lost and that it never ends up in the wrong hands. Although VidCruiter hosts the data on your behalf, you always have complete control and own all of the data.
Involving Multiple People with Different Schedules

Involve as Many Managers, Reviewers, and Raters as You Need

With traditional recruitment practices, it can be difficult to coordinate a time for multiple interviews to interact with a candidate and provide their feedback. With VidCruiter’s recruitment software, there are numerous ways for an individual to interact with an applicant, regardless if they are based in your central office or another location around the world. Whether an individual joins an interview in real-time or they watch a recorded interview, they can rate and provide feedback on any applicant they have been invited to review.
The Recruitment Software Is Mobile Friendly

A Recruitment Software for Your Mobile Recruiting

Whether your candidates are applying for a position or your hiring team is reviewing their application, everyone can access the system from their mobile device. VidCruiter’s recruitment software was specifically designed to give both applicants and recruiters the highest quality mobile recruiting experience regardless of their location around the world.
Company Branding on Display

Give Your Applicants a Fully-Branded Recruitment Experience

When it comes to attracting new talent, VidCruiter understands the important role your organization’s branding will play. Whether an applicant is on your career page or they’re completing an interview, they will always see your organization’s branding on display. The recruitment software also makes it even easier for your team to give applicants a more engaging candidate experience by including additional branded material, such as testimonial videos, to the candidate experience.
Company Branding on Display

A Fully Multilingual Recruitment Software

VidCruiter’s recruitment software goes beyond basic translation to support any language needed. Our sophisticated multilingual feature allows any user, applicant or reference person to easily switch between languages at any time. Whether the law requires your company to offer job applications in multiple languages, or you want to proactively make the hiring process more accessible for all, VidCruiter speaks your language.
Woman on Recruitment Software Searching Through Data

Complete Recruitment Software Tracking and Reporting

VidCruiter’s recruitment software tracks everything throughout the recruitment cycle and displays the information in an easy to navigate timeline. You can quickly sort through the data and stay on top of any aspect of your hiring process. A series of pre-built and customized reports can also be generated to ensure the recruitment software meets all of your reporting needs.
Emailing Made Easier with Recruitment Software

An Advanced Recruitment Software Email System

An important component of VidCruiter’s recruitment software is the fully integrated smart email system. With VidCruiter, you will know who sent an email, where the email was sent, when it was opened, and more. Email templates can also be used throughout the recruitment platform making it even easier to set up your future positions. The system also flags candidates that use fake email addresses to ensure your team only spends their time reviewing legitimate applications.
Client Writing a Note in Applicants Live Interview

Easily Take Notes throughout the Recruitment Process

VidCruiter’s recruitment software makes it quick and easy for your team to make notes about any applicant at any step in the process. When creating a note, you can decide whether you want to keep it private, or share it with other members of your team. Every note is stored within the applicant’s profile to ensure that none of your important feedback is ever lost.
Applicant Using Top-Quality Recruiting Software

Give Job Seekers an Innovative Candidate Experience

An organization’s recruitment process is a valuable opportunity to impress potential candidates and highlight the way it conducts its business. If your organization is using a 20-year-old recruitment process, candidates may begin to question your claims of being innovative and possibly seek employment elsewhere. With VidCruiter’s recruitment software, you can provide every applicant with the top-quality and engaging candidate experience they expect from your organization.
Client Looking for Applicants Social Media

Find a Candidate’s Social Media Accounts in No Time

Reviewing a candidate’s social media accounts can help you determine if they would be the right fit for your organization. Instead of making you manually search for a candidate’s social media accounts, VidCruiter’s recruitment software automatically finds all of the publicly available profiles associated with their email address. When reviewing an applicant, it only takes one click for you to access their proper publicly available social media account.
Share with Social Media

Expand Your Reach with Social Sharing

Social media is a great way for your organization to expand its applicant pool. If a candidate is excited about an opportunity, the recruitment software gives them a quick and easy way to share it across their social media accounts and reach other potential candidates for your organization.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.