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Automatically Have Unqualified Applicants Filtered Out, Allowing You to Focus on Top Candidates

Filtering out candidates

As the most advanced automated recruiting platform in the world, VidCruiter helps businesses fully optimize the recruitment process for any type of role.

With VidCruiter’s automated recruitment software, your time to hire will be significantly reduced, and your hiring team will be able to dedicate a majority of their time to more productive tasks.

Add as Much or as Little Automation as You Need

Recruitment automation

With VidCruiter, you can add automation to almost every aspect of the recruitment process. The automated recruiting system gives you the flexibility to only automate a few of the steps or your entire workflow. The amount of automation can be customized on a per position basis to ensure that you meet the unique needs of any recruitment scenario.

Don’t Bottleneck the Recruitment Process

Manual reviews and approvals are an easy way to drag out the recruitment process and significantly increase your time to hire. With automated recruiting, you don’t have to bottleneck the recruitment process by having your hiring team review and approve a candidate’s application at every step. VidCruiter allows you to have candidates automatically move through multiple stages of the application, and have the unqualified ones get filtered out. Your hiring team can then be notified once a qualified candidate has finished all of the necessary steps, and the relevant parties can review and rate their entire application at that time.

Avoid recruitment bottlenecks

Filter Applicants Based on Their Responses

Applicant filtering

During the initial screening of an applicant, VidCruiter’s automated recruiting software can filter out candidates who don’t meet certain requirements for the position, such as eligibility to work in the country or a mandatory certification. Multiple choice questions or checkboxes can be set up to automatically filter out applicants that don’t provide the appropriate responses. With VidCruiter, you can have applicants go through a set of basic requirement questions and have all of the unqualified applicants removed before you need to dedicate any time to review their application.

Spend Your Time with Top Talent

Automation can eliminate multiple time-consuming administrative tasks and screen out unqualified applicants. Instead of having your hiring team dedicate their time with those that aren’t the right fit for a role, they can focus on spending more time with the best available talent for your organization.

Focus your efforts on the best applicants

Don’t Waste Time Sending the Same Emails to Candidates

Automate recruiting emails

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for recruiters is when they have to send out the same email to hundreds or even thousands of applicants. With VidCrutiter’s recruitment automation, you can have mass emails sent out automatically. You no longer need to inform applicants one-by-one that they are moving on to the next step or manually send rejection emails to every unqualified applicant. The system can automatically pull key information from an applicant’s profile, such as their name or the position, and you can also add time delays or have the emails sent from your email address to make them appear completely personalized.

Automatically Send Reminders to your Team, Candidates

VidCruiter’s automated recruiting software eliminates the need to chase down members of your team to review and rate a candidate or complete another task. Automatic reminders can be set up at any time during the recruitment process and be programmed to occur or stop when specific actions are completed. The text for any reminder notification is fully customizable to ensure that your team members have everything that they need to complete their task.

Notify your team and your candidates about their recruitment process

The Most Efficient Way to Check a Candidate’s References

Shave off man hours from manual reference checking

With VidCruiter’s automated reference checking, you no longer have to worry about the hassles of coordinating schedules with an applicant’s references or need to spend time conducting the reference check with them over the phone. Once an applicant enters their references’ contact information into the system, your pre-established set of questions will automatically be sent to each of them. After the referees have provided their feedback, your team can review their responses and get all of the input that they need without having to spend time with them directly.

No More Manually Scheduling Your Recruitment Events

With VidCruiter’s interview scheduling tool, you no longer have to manually coordinate a time for an in-person interview, video interview, or any other event throughout the recruitment process. Relevant team members simply need to set their availability, and applicants can select the time that works best for them. Once a time has been selected, all of the required information, such as important details, preparatory materials, or interview guides and rating rubrics, are automatically sent to the appropriate parties.

Automatic scheduling

Automatic Status Changes Based on Skills Test Results

Filter by skill tests that you set up

The automation that is available with VidCruiter’s skills testing software makes reviewing any test result even easier. When it comes to testing candidates, the system will automatically calculate their scores, and you can even set a baseline to have candidates either automatically move forward with the recruitment process or get filtered out based on their results. If you are using the skills testing feature as part of your onboarding or training process, you can also set it up where employees who don’t achieve a certain score during a module are automatically sent a link to redo it until they pass.

Easily Save Automation Templates

Save time hiring in the future with templates

Once a position has been built, all of the automation components can be saved as a template. Having the automated emails, status changes, filters, and more saved in an easy to use template will allow you to quickly set up any future positions.

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