Challenges of Legal Recruitment

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Law firms face complex talent acquisition challenges

The legal profession is a fast-paced, stressful environment. Lawyers are pressed for time, yet you still must ensure work remains error-free and confidential. It takes the right person for the job to do this.

There are many complexities to consider when it comes time to hiring law professionals. Let’s explore some of the most common legal recruitment challenges.

Finding Qualified Lawyers

Finding highly-skilled legal professions can be even more challenging than managing heavy caseloads and multiple clients. 91% percent of lawyers say finding skilled legal professionals is somewhat or very challenging. This is compounded by the fact that fewer people are graduating from law school compared to previous years.

Time Shortages

Just as you would when researching evidence for a case or reviewing the fine print of a contract, lawyers usually want to examine every candidate with a fine-tooth comb. But who has the time? Workload and time-sensitive deadlines often make it difficult to dedicate as much time as you’d like to hiring efforts. Administrative tasks (like scheduling interviews) can also eat up precious time.

Concerns about Lawful Hiring

Concerns about Lawful Hiring

Attorneys are all too familiar with representing clients before labor boards and other tribunals about employment and labor disputes. You certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, so you must take proactive steps to minimize hiring bias and discrimination. It’s your obligation to ensure your hiring practices follow the law.

Finding Trustworthy Technology

Law firms know technology can help accelerate their recruitment process, but data breaches and other threats loom online. Some lawyers are skeptical about hiring software because they’re worried about security. After all, law firms are held to a higher standard of confidentiality than other industries. You need to be absolutely certain the recruitment technology you choose is 100% secure.

Managing Heavy Caseloads with Part-time or Contract Lawyers

Since caseloads fluctuate considerably, instead of hiring new full-time employees, sometimes it makes sense to hire part-time and/or contract lawyers. Since a career in law is so demanding, many people grow accustomed to this pace and are willing—even eager—to come out of retirement (or semi-retirement) to handle the right case. But even though they’re temporary staff, you still need to ensure they comply with confidentiality and qualification requirements.

Hiring Law Students and Interns

One way to extend your legal team is to hire law interns and associates. HR professionals often participate in recruitment events at tier 1 law schools in hopes of finding interns and first-year associates. But sending recruiters to job fairs can be costly and environmentally-damaging.

Moving your recruitment online provides a positive interviewing experience that’s much more convenient for all—and more affordable for your law firm. It also helps position your firm as a progressive, modern company, increasing its appeal to Gen X and Gen Y candidates who expect that.

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