Live Video Interviewing

Interview anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

Reach anyone, anywhere at any time

Reach anyone, anywhere at any time

Reduce travel costs

Reduce travel costs

Built-in structured interview rating guides

Built-in structured interview rating guides

Schedule interviews automatically

Schedule interviews automatically

Use Video Interviewing Technology to Reach Anyone

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VidCruiter’s live video interview platform, VidLiveInterviewing, allows your hiring team to perform interviews with candidates at any time from anywhere in the world using video technology. Conducting a live interview enables your team to have the same experience of an in-person interview without the hassle of coordinating a time when everyone can be in the same location. The platform not only reduces costs by eliminating travel, but it also gives your team additional tools to help them make better hiring decisions.


Overcoming biases to hire the best person for the job starts with interviewing all candidates the same way. A video conferencing tool designed specifically for recruiters makes all the difference.

Why choose a LIVE video interviewing system?

Recruiting Purpose Build Software

A Live Interview Software Built for Recruiting

Live video interviewing was built specifically for recruitment purposes, unlike most other video conferencing systems. By using a tool which was designed to meet the needs of hiring teams, you’ll experience a smoother process where you won’t have to fight with the technology just to get it to work the way you need it to. Instead, recruiters will be able to focus on the applicant, not the software.
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Software Includes Your Interview Questions and Rating Guide

While performing a live video interview, recruiters can use the built-in digital versions of their organization’s interview questions and rating guides. All of the input is saved in real time and the candidate’s scores are automatically calculated across multiple raters, allowing companies to save time by eliminating the need to manually rank and score every applicant.
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Seamlessly Conduct Group and Panel Interviews

VidCruiter can accommodate virtually any type of interview. Host a group interview to learn more about multiple candidates at the same time, or invite an applicant to a panel interview with several interviewers. Up to 50 people can participate (nine people if it’s recorded).
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Utilize the Most Advanced Live Video Interviewing Technology

By using WebRTC, VidCruiter’s system doesn’t require plugins or downloads and is six times faster than other services because it’s all done in your internet browser. This gives applicants a stellar interview experience and reduces the risk of disconnection, allowing recruiters to focus their attention on the applicant, not the system, thus resulting in a better hire.
No Special Download or Training Necessary

No Special Download or Training Necessary

Live interviews don’t require a participant to download anything to be able to join from a computer or laptop. Users simply click on the unique link received from the invitation email and they’re sent to the virtual interview room. Recruiters save time by not needing to download plugins or sitting in training classes to learn how to use the software, freeing up time best spent on applicants instead.
A Mobile-Friendly Live Interviewing Software

Mobile-Friendly Live Interviews

Enjoy the flexibility that comes from participating in a live video interview on the electronic device of your choosing. Be it your phone or a tablet, VidCruiter’s totally app-less mobile interviewing experience works on any mobile device, allowing recruiters and candidates to connect anywhere with internet access.
Record the Live Interview and View at Any Time Illustration

Record the Live Video Interviews for Viewing at Any Time

Our live video interviewing platform includes the option to record entire interviews, adding the benefit to view at a later time. This eliminates the need to rely on memory or notes when discussing applicants with the hiring team as everyone has access to the interview. Recruiters can now make more informed hiring decisions, leading to a more qualified hire and a stronger workforce.
Share Documents Easily During the Interview Illustration

Easily Share Documents During the Interview

The private chat function features the ability to share documents during the live video interview. You can send files to the applicant, your coworkers, or everyone. Recruiters won’t scramble to send attachments after an interview is complete, knowing everyone has the information they need without doing any follow-up.
Live Interview Screen Sharing Illustration

Share Your Screen While Conducting an Interview

During a live video interview, the recruiter can share their screen with the applicant or assign the applicant’s screen to be shared, making it easy for everyone to see and discuss certain documents or test results. Not only does this make the interview more interactive, but it will also provide your applicants with a unique experience which can attract them to your company.
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What is a live video interview?

A live video interview is one that is conducted in real-time online. HR professionals send job applicants an electronic invitation to meet at a mutually-convenient time, and they connect virtually using a webcam and microphone or their cellphone. Live video interviewing helps recruiters and hiring managers connect with top talent from all over the world. It saves lots of time and money on unnecessary travel by effectively pre-screening applicants. This is why video interviewing is so popular! You’ll want to use a professional hiring software like VidCruiter, which makes online recruitment and interviewing easy. During live video interviews, interviewers can ask candidates questions, rate their answers using the built-in rating scale, and collaborate with colleagues to arrive at hiring decisions more quickly.

Does live video interviewing reduce hiring costs?

Yes, live video interviewing can certainly minimize hiring costs! How? Video interview software like VidCruiter allows job interviews to take place entirely online, so people no longer have to travel to meet face-to-face. This saves money on travel expenses (gas or airfare, accommodations), which can be very costly. Live video interviews also reduce the wasted time (not to mention the frustration) that comes from interviewee no-shows. If someone does not show up for an interview, the recruiter and/or hiring managers simply close the browser and get back to work. Because video interviews allow HR professionals to get a better sense of applicants earlier in the hiring process, time-to-hire typically decreases. Better yet, these newfound insights usually result in higher-quality hires, so turnover is often reduced, saving even more money.

Can you record live video interviews to watch later?

Yes, you can record a live video interview to watch (or re-watch) later. You can watch the recorded video on your own or send it to others on the hiring team who may want to watch it after the fact. Using professional video interviewing software like VidCruiter, recruiters and HR professionals have the option to record live video interviews for later reference. This might be shortly after the interview to refresh a recruiter’s memory (or bring someone up to speed if they weren’t able to attend the live video interview), or it could be down the road when considering previously-shortlisted candidates for new job openings.

Can hiring teams communicate privately during a live video interview?

Yes, hiring teams can communicate during a live video interview without an interviewee knowing about it. Using professional-grade video interviewing software like VidCruiter, anyone on a panel or group interview is able to privately share documents, links, and chat amongst themselves in the built-in private chat box. Being able to easily communicate during a live video interview allows those involved in the hiring process to share opinions to applicant’s answers to interview questions in real-time—and seek further clarification when necessary.

Can you conduct a video interview on the phone?

Yes, you can conduct a video interview over the phone—so long as both the interviewer(s) and the interviewee(s) have a reliable internet connection and a functional camera and microphone built into the cellphone. Most newer phones require no downloads to connect in-person online, even with professional digital recruitment technologies like VidCruiter. Participants also have the option to dial-in to live digital interviews by phone; there is a backup call-in system that records audio. VidCruiter live video interviews on cellphones are even safe on open public hotspots!

Learn More About Video Interviewing

There’s more to learn about VidCruiter’s live video interview software if you’re interested. To see this software in action, you can schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists or learn more about video interviewing.

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