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Hire the Brightest Teachers Today to Shape the Minds of Tomorrow

The educators you choose to employ have a ripple effect. Their teachings impact and influence those who learn from them, and later those who learn from their students as well. To build a bright future, it’s so important to hire good teachers.


Your hiring needs will vary depending on the type of school (K-12, college, university, or continuing education), whether the school is public or private, and the type of position for which you’re hiring.


Common teaching roles to fill include:

  • Teachers, including specialized positions like special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, and English as a second language (ESL) teachers
  • University professors and college instructors
  • Principals and other administrators
  • Librarians
  • Counselors
  • Adult learning facilitators
  • Support staff such as teaching assistants and school maintenance teams


Can Video Interviews Help You Hire Better Teachers?

Yes, it can! Think about it: over time, teaching tools like blackboards and typewriters have evolved to become smartboards and laptops. School recruitment techniques have evolved, too.


Here’s how video interviewing and online hiring can help you hire better educators:


Schedule Interviews & Get References—Even During the Summer Months

Like their students, many teachers have most of the summer off. That makes it difficult to reach them by phone since they’re on vacation. This is further complicated when trying to contact applicants in different time zones.


Interview scheduling software and automated reference checking solve these hiring issues. Say goodbye to playing phone tag by easily arranging group and panel interviews and contacting references on their own terms.


Sell Your School & Humanize Your Hiring

Many teachers—especially those in highly-specialized fields—are in high demand. Since they can be selective about where they work, you’ve got to entice them into choosing your school or district. Video recruitment opens so many doors to creatively showcase your school spirit and win over teachers.


Highlight your school’s culture, its students and its staff by greeting candidates with an embedded video. Maybe it’s a video of your school principal thanking applicants for their interest in the position. Maybe it’s a current teacher explaining why they love working there. Maybe it’s video interview questions from actual students. Welcoming hiring strategies like these increase the likelihood of candidates accepting your job offer.


Better Advertise Teaching Positions

A branded career page on your school website makes it easy to advertise teaching positions and streamline the application process. It creates a seamless portal between your site and where teachers can search by departments and locations—and apply in the same place. 


Every element of your custom-built career page proudly displays your school’s brand and personality, making job postings more marketable. Don’t worry about updating the website every time you post a new job on career websites either. It’ll automatically show up on your website, too.


Don’t Waste Time on Unqualified Candidates

VidCruiter helps school administrators find the right fit for any teaching position by filtering applicants according to predefined parameters. Use “knock out” questions to quickly filter out candidates who don’t meet minimum requirements, such as having certain teaching certificates.


Upload Transcripts, Teacher Licenses & Lesson Plans

When interviewing candidates, get a more complete picture of the candidate by asking teachers to upload lesson plans, writing samples, or—better yet—record a video of them teaching a class. This helps hiring committees accurately gauge their level of competency in the classroom. Applicants can be asked to upload their transcripts and teacher license(s), too. Everything is customizable.


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Teacher Recruitment Challenges

There are a myriad of reasons hiring educators is difficult. You’ve got to be smart with your recruitment efforts to overcome these challenges.


Hiring Challenges


Finding Educated & Engaging Teachers

The influence of a teacher can last a lifetime. You don’t want to leave that up to chance. But what should you look for when recruiting teaching talent?


What Makes Grade-A Teachers

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Looking for Top Teacher Talent?

VidCruiter can teach you a thing or two about hiring best practices. We help schools everywhere hire the right teachers for the job.



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