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How to Leverage Video Hiring to Guarantee Recruiting Success

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Despite major innovations in technology over the past three decades, using a video hiring solution is still a fairly new concept to recruiters and hiring teams. A lot of companies which didn’t jump on the video interviewing bandwagon when it was first developed in the early 2000s are now starting to investigate if this kind of solution is right for their organization.

As it is with many new technologies, video screening tends to be met with a mix of excitement for being able to try something new, and hesitation due to being unsure how to properly use the solution. What makes this worse is searching online also doesn’t offer a lot of help for recruiters. While there are some articles which will teach you how to get the most out of the technology, the majority are for applicants looking for tips on how to ace their video interview. The best practices listed below were written with the sole purpose of helping hiring teams succeed with their interviewing endeavours. We also have best practices for live video interviewing or pre-recorded video interviewing, if you’re looking for tips specific to a particular product.

Make Sure Your Team is Properly Onboarded to Use Video

The first step in making sure your team succeeds in using video hiring is by making sure everyone is properly trained. By utilizing opportunities with VidCruiter’s client experience, which offers unlimited onboarding and training to our clients, you’ll be able to make sure everyone is provided with the knowledge required to feel comfortable with video interviewing. It’s also a good idea to check in with your staff to make sure they’re adapting to the system and to see if additional training sessions may be required. When you make sure your team knows how to use the system, that increases the chances of them using it to its full extent.

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Consider Your Structure Before Going Live with a Video Screening

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An easy way to confuse both applicants and recruiters is to not think about what kind of structure your recruitment process is going to have by adding video screening. It’s not a good idea to set up the platform using trial and error, you shouldn’t just add the system to your process and expect the structure will build itself around it. By planning out how your recruitment process will work with video hiring technology, you’ll know what aspects should be the same across all job applications and which parts can be customized on a per-position basis. If you need advice, VidCruiter’s team will be available to ensure you’re using the tools appropriately to meet the needs of your company.

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Know When to Use Customization in your Process with Video Interviewing

When used properly, online interviewing can help any business recruit for any job position. The system can be changed depending on the position and your Client Success Manager can help you figure out what would be best for your situation. For example, most businesses would want applicants applying for a management position to go under stronger scrutinization than applicants seeking entry-level or internship opportunities.

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Here are some ways you can customize the system for certain job positions:

  • Executive: Let applicants share a portfolio or project documents through the system to get a better idea on what their priorities are and how they tend to run teams.
  • Manager/Supervisor: Add screening questions to find out what supervisory experience they have and learn how they handle common problems.
  • Manual Labourer: Add videos to your questions. For example, if the applicant needs certain safety certificates instead of asking for proof, provide them with a video which features employees performing unsafe actions and ask them to tell you what the unsafe actions are.
  • Entry Level/Internship: Sift through multiple applications by adding “kick-out questions” which will automatically remove an unqualified applicant from your consideration.

Add Your Company Branding to The Interview

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Video hiring has the ability to add your brand and color scheme to it, which has many advantages. It gives candidates a better experience, for one, but it also attaches your brand to innovative and modern recruitment software. By using video introductions and welcome messages, you can attract more people to open positions, which will increase the number of high-quality applicants in your candidate pool.

Use Other Recruitment Products with Your Video Screening Solution

The number one way to get the most out of your video hiring software is to combine it with other recruitment software, such as skills testing or structured digital interviews. Doing this will keep everything you need to know about an applicant in one place and simplify your process by keeping all the information you need in one secure location.

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What Else Should You Consider Before Implementing Video?

More and more recruiters are turning to video screening to help improve their recruitment processes, but not just because of what we’ve listed above. If you’re interested in learning more about video interviews, check out the articles below or register for a live demo with a product specialist.

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